Wealth Creation Tips

coinstackStart with a strategy – be clear about your timeframe, goals and risk tolerance

Become knowledgeable – continually seek advice

Expect to get rich slowly

Spread your risk – it comes in many forms, it is inescapable, but it is manageable

“Blue-chip” property and shares can both “crash”

Buy when the market is most pessimistic

coins_50s‘Dollar Cost Avenging’ works – discipline counts

Superannuation can be a great investment

You can make money in both bull and bear markets

Human nature will prevail – fear and greed drive markets – hunt for value and bargains

Compounding works dramatically over the long-run

“Time in the market” works, not “timing in the market”

Don’t buy or sell for tax reasons alone

Invest for real returns – limit speculation

Learn from your mistakes – but don’t panic

Can you pick the bottom or top – good luck!

Invest globally – Australia represents only 2% of world stock markets

Never adopt any permanent single type of asset mix selection method – property, shares, cash or bonds

Only borrow for high quality investments

A good investment can be overpriced and a bad investment can be underpriced