About Us

Accord Financial Solutions Pty Ltd is a privately owned financial services group based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our licence was established in 2007.

Our licence allows us to provide an extensive range of investment, wealth creation, asset protection and lending services for clients anywhere in Australia.

Being privately owned, allows us to select from a broad range of products which fit the clients needs and objectives. We are not required to promote any particular products from any one provider.

In order to help select products, we use external Research Houses to assist us in assessing the suitability of investments for our clients.

Why you need a Financial Adviser

Financial Planning involves making the best use of resources to ensure income, financial growth and security. It may involve risk management and estate planning issues.

A Financial Adviser can help you make informed decisions about your money and maintain or improve your lifestyle with a sound financial plan. This will include helping you to avoid pitfalls, using your money to your best advantage, and choosing products that suit your needs. A Financial Adviser will also help you understand risk, so you can assess what the best options are for you.

If you are planning for your retirement, have received a lump sum of money, just left the workforce, or you simply want to make the best use of your money, then you should contact a financial adviser.

Talking to an experienced and licenced Financial Adviser will:

  • help you make more informed decisions about your money
  • help you use you money to you best advantage
  • help you choose products that suit your needs

Important Note:

An adviser should operate under a licencee that is governed by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commision) or be an “authorised representative” of a licence holder.